AM x Katharina Grosse

In the context of SOUVENIR by, the artist has taken this collaboration to the utter limits
of perception, redefining the classical canvas.

Katharina Grosse has realized a tapestry in the form of a flag. For the artist, the flag is more than just a symbol of a typical conquest of space. It is a moving indicator: a signpost of mystery, and at the same time simple and almost weightless.

The raised flag leads inevitably from the material conquest of the spatial to that of the immaterial: the sensation of smell.

For this spatial concept, together with Atelier Mallon, Grosse has created a souvenir, which opens up an unusual perspective: a room fragrance that makes the indiscernible – the nothing, which we experience as a room – discernible, perceivable.

The PET-bottles used by the artist for storing her color mixtures are here employed like a perfume flacon. Each one is unique, in that in each of them its visible and invisible contents merge.

Flag and flacon, sight and smell, the physical work of art and its olfactory echo.

SOUVENIR by Katharina Grosse
Room Spray in unique PET-Flacon
composed by Atelier Mallon
Edition 50+5 AP